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Born and raised in Toronto, Néeshell is one of those Canadians who is just simply, creative. Beginning her career in the Toronto showbiz industry as a small screen actor, Néeshell went on to explore the many depts of the entertainment industry at a very young age.

After being enrolled in a high school program that specialized in production and communications, Néeshell landed an internship at Rogers TV for Camera Operation. It was there when the obsession with being behind and in control of the camera came into play. After this, Néeshell undertook photography and is continuing to go forward in the industry while doing so.  As of today, Néeshell is a published photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and is now pursuing a degree in Business Administration. All while managing and working towards her three business ventures: Néeshell Photography, 199Z and Vassell Management Co.

As self explanatory as it could be, Néeshell Photography is her photography company where she works with artists, actors, models and everyday people in portrait, creative, fashion and concert photography.

199Z is a multi-media creative collective celebrating, producing and promoting the individuals, art, culture, entertainment, fashion, music and consumer related products of our beautiful generation, Z.

Vassell Management Co. is Néeshell’s brand management and boutique artist management company that offers marketing, imaging, PR and creative services to artists and businesses, bridging the gap between the “brand” and “consumer”.

Connect with Néeshell:

Email: contact@neeshell.com

Ashante Blackwood

Passion Feature


My name is Ashante Blackwood, I’m 20 years old and I’m a fine artist based in Toronto . I’m currently enrolled at humber for the visual and digital arts program. My specialty is in portrait and 3D art making ,I love making the images I create come to life through the canvas. I recently just had an art show/party for my birthday which turned out really well and I will be currently  showcasing my new art pieces at my school’s graduation show. Im also launching a new street wear clothing line called CHOSEN with my girl Mickella and it’s basically where fashion and art meet so some of my art work will be on the clothing. In the future i want to be the art director of my own company where all art forms join together as one such as music, art, fashion, and etc…So watch out, this is just the beginning.



Check out more of her work and show her your support on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashante_heartforart/ or send her an email for any inquiries ashanteblackwood6@gmail.com