Ashante Blackwood

Passion Feature


My name is Ashante Blackwood, I’m 20 years old and I’m a fine artist based in Toronto . I’m currently enrolled at humber for the visual and digital arts program. My specialty is in portrait and 3D art making ,I love making the images I create come to life through the canvas. I recently just had an art show/party for my birthday which turned out really well and I will be currently  showcasing my new art pieces at my school’s graduation show. Im also launching a new street wear clothing line called CHOSEN with my girl Mickella and it’s basically where fashion and art meet so some of my art work will be on the clothing. In the future i want to be the art director of my own company where all art forms join together as one such as music, art, fashion, and etc…So watch out, this is just the beginning.



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It’s not your poems holding you back.

I think everyone comes to a point where they start to fall into the clichés. We all think we’re above them, that they’ll never affect us and that we don’t need anybody or any help. ( the “I can do bad all by myself” attitude). That’s a pretty unauthentic way to live but, there isn’t anybody that can stop you from feeling or thinking that way but you. You may have the high whiny nagging voice in your head saying I don’t have a talent, nobody will like me, I have no purpose, somebody out there is better than me at doing yada yada. But sure, why not think all of those things. Especially if you haven’t tried and especially because we have 9 lives to live and we have all the time in the world to wallow in our self-pity.  Wrong “ain’t nobody got time for that”. I’m just tired of us individuals thinking we’re all original strugglers, like nobody before us was ever confused about life, or wondered of their purpose and talents, who failed, who cut themselves off from the world, became “cold-hearted”, who weren’t considered normal, who coloured outside of the box, who were ostracized, who were broke and tired. None one of those things matter in terms of you reaching success unless you make them matter. You can stay sad and broke all you like but until you find out that the real riches on this earth cannot be accessed through your bank account, you’re going to have a rough time finding the gold in your dirt.

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