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Take Me To Church

Many of my life experiences have been surrounded by church and everything that entails. I was born into the church so it’s fair to say I’ve had some not so great moments in church but I’ve also had some incredible life-changing encounters that I can’t imagine my life without. When I was at home for Christmas break in Toronto, I went to the last 2 churches I was at before I left for University, Malvern Christian Assembly and Agincourt Pentecostal Church (One Church). I really only went to Youth groups there, but anyone who’s been with me while I was there knows that we had the time of our lives on Friday nights! I was surrounded by influencing leaders and a solid support group. (Shout out to Pastor Dean and Pastor Will and Suzie) No doubt that there were many ups and downs but from those days community is what stands out the most and the fact that it was all anchored by Jesus is what makes me want to introduce and open up the church to more and more people. This is only part of the reason I’m on this journey.


It’s time to be “Young on Fire”!


When I started this blog, I made it very clear to express that this platform was the start of my beginning. I’m 7 months into this journey and I can’t even believe what is has become and how I’ve gotten so much accomplished. I may not be where I want to be or aspire to be but you best be sure that I’m on my way and I’m sprinting towards it. Spoken Visions started off being a poetry only blog and has slowly made it’s way to passion features and completely faith-based material. This transition is a result of the intimate relationship I’ve built with God and the part I realize I play to drawing people to His kingdom. If you are a newcomer to this blog I would encourage you to navigate around my page to get a sense of where my heart is and why I do this but in brief I’m a girl who loves God, has a passion for poetry and creating and is destined to raise up a generation of youth who love God proudly, passionately and fiercely.

…This brings me to what this post is to be about, it’s time to be on fire for Christ! Last weekend from June 30 – July 3rd, I was at a conference that Campus Rush hosted called Young on Fire. It was an intense 4 day event in Ottawa full of worship, the holy ghost, motivation, revelation, tears, deliverance, anointing and FIRE! I have never been in an atmosphere so concentrated by a love for Jesus and His holy spirit. Leading up to this conference God has been stirring up a lot in me, leading me towards my calling, planting ideas and allowing me to create. I’ve personally had the fire come over me for about month now and I have no intention of letting it die out! I do however, have all intention of letting it spread wildly all across this nation!

The only way I can explain what being on fire for Christ means, looks like and the impact and difference it will make on our world is for me to express it in poetry! So I present a poem like blog post!

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