The Hour to Begin


To my brothers and sisters who are in hiding

Broad daylight is no longer safe

Stay where you are

We’ve been waiting but it is not yet the hour

They aren’t ready to bring me back to life

I will threaten your prosperity

For I what I preach is timeless and will surely surpass your eternity

You will die to look behind you and hope to see dust, rubble and decaying death

But my words will be waving you goodbye

Finally tucking you in finally awaiting to  walk into my best

My verses will speak life

Waking up all that which you wish had died

You can try but you can’t chase back the time

Time you wasted, the time you you allotted to persecuting my kind “the dreamers”

Hurry back to save what you hid, thieved and the places where you kept your secrets safe

But by then my friend it will be too late

Lovers and enemies this world will not die with you

You cannot take these continents underneath your wings

From whom they’ve been birthed from they will seek refuge again

They’ve been playing Master

They’ve been claiming royalty without wearing the blood it took to dig the gems

I read their wills to the dead and the only thing they didn’t own to give was life

The life they never earned to live but effortlessly stole to give

The dead had no interest in what heaven placed no entrance priority requirement  in

Sacrifice isn’t giving up what you have after you’ve lived, eaten and breathed all that you could

The hope of death as your endearment is the word you have left

I tell you

You are not ready to bring me back to life

Yesterday, today and tomorrow have been waiting for me to stop overthrowing my strength to my weakness

My city’s streets have been sleeping

My people’s sleeps have been restless

My children’s dreams have been surrounded by darkness

To my brothers and sisters

Broad daylight will never be safe again if you let down your defense

If you wait to begin you will never start

I refused to pick up a pen

I gave the ink to the next man in the que

He took it and wrote his symphonies

And I still compared my notebook to his instrument even though we cater to different audiences

I waited to be great without starting to be good and what set me behind from the kids with the same ink was that they first chose to begin

I chose to be mad at how my skills stayed average

How the pencil stayed the same length never getting the chanced to be sharpened

So take this as a lesson

The wolf you have not fed is hungry

He’s ready to finally win but my friend

When are you ready to begin?

Brothers and Sisters

The hour has come

Crucify your demons for they can never rise up on the third sun

Pursue your nourishment and feed off of what they all resent


Ignite your ambition

It’s time to erupt

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