IYA Launch: Get Ready With Me

It’s February 29th 2016, the extra day of the year we get to take advantage of!  All around I’m hearing advice about not wasting the day and  I don’t intend to  do that at all. Today I am launching the very first series on my blog called Ignite Your Ambition and I’m releasing a poem called The Hour to begin! I think it’s a fitting title for a day like today.  To start the series off I’d like to take up some space to tell you all about how I got here and why I do what I do.

Why Ignite Your Ambition?                                                                                                                        This stemmed from a time in grade 11 when I  wanted to change my twitter name to something cooler. I loved Coldplay and because of that, I wanted to change my name to ignite your bones from the song Fix You, but that was already taken. I brainstormed for awhile and then evolved ignited ambition. Back then I always wanted to make something out of myself. I knew I had talents I could pursue, poetry being the most evident but, I had so many stalled ambitions because of my lack of will to pursue. “Ignited ambition” gave me hope to finally light the spark one day. This is where a lot of the messages in my poems come from, the idea of starting, pursuing purpose, doing what you love, not being held back, making a change and really walking into destined promises.  I want to lead by example, it’s easy for me to sit behind a screen and say all these things things but without walking on faith I won’t get anywhere and I won’t inspire anyone, without taking the leap first.


So who am I ?                                                                                                                                                  I’m honestly just a young girl who’s been waiting around for too long for opportunities to happen without working for them. Yea I love poetry, I love writing creating and inspiring. But I can’t reach people without trying to engage them in what I love. I want to create and be apart of a growing community. I want the small steps I’m taking to encourage somebody somewhere to begin to do what they love. I’m going to be honest, I’m not the  kind of person to be making leaps into the unknown, I’m usually plagued from needing to know exactly how things are going to play out. The truth is I have no idea how the hopes and dreams I have for what I’m beginning  will turn out to be, but I’m beyond excited to get started.

HTB                                                                                                                                                                         I recently wrote “The Hour to Begin” and I thought, this is the poem I want people to hear to get them excited for what’s to come! To show them that I’ve been in that season for way too long where I’ve been sitting on my passions and hoping they’ll last a lifetime without working towards them. It took the little step of starting a blog to realize that I didn’t want to be dating my passions but I wanted to be married to them! (Liz’s adaption of Julie Davidson’s preach) In other words, I want to be dedicated to them, without fearing failure, without quitting early and without neglecting to invest in my talents. I wrote this poem to literally ignite the ambition in myself and whoever hears it.  If there’s one thing you take away from the poem, please do not delay the beginning.  It may be rough but if it’s not pretty yet, it’s not the end.

“The best way to get something done is to begin”

I’d like to thank…                                                                                                                           Considering the Oscars just went down (congrats Leo), I’m going to start off my pre success speech with “I couldn’t do this without God.” But with all honesty I couldn’t, If I never came to know God for who he really is this year and I mean the – closer than you think he is God, the grace of God and the giving you the desires of you heart God- there’s no way I’d be writing this right now. I’m so thankful for the little he has entrusted me with so far. Going back to Leo for a sec, years of years of dedicating himself to his roles and the countless nominations he’s received, he is now finally being recognized for it. He took that speech time to shed light on the bigger issue of climate change that may have inspired and triggered many people across the globe to take action. His life has led him to where he exactly needed to be at that moment. I don’t know much about Leo’s life but I know that not getting the appreciation or the affirmation we think we deserve hinders the perseverance in our endeavours. And if you let it, you’ll never get the appreciation you think you deserve. I want to cherish the small steps I’m taking now because one day they will lead to giant leaps.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” Luke 16:10

People                                                                                                                                                                   I can’t continue to do what I do without people. The support I’ve received in the last couple months is what will continue to push me. I know I am nowhere near the potential I can reach but, in advance I’d like to thank all the people who are behind me for the journey. I’ve come into contact with a lot of extraordinary and talented people this year. So please if you have a talent you’d like to grow into or practice more, hit me up, I’d love to work with you or support you. All of you artists, graphic designers, poets, singers, writers, musicians, producers, bloggers, the super organized managing types, whatever talent or skills you have that can be useful to anybody please start to share them.

Anybody with a passion that maybe has been in your heart since you were a child or it may be newly found, Ignite Your Ambition.


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