Unapologetically Black and Poetic

Sometimes I feel like I fall into the black female stereotype a little too often. I don’t mean to and I don’t mean not to. I’m loud, bossy, I clap my hands sometimes, (only because it’s the scarborough coming out) and I have opinions that are usually visible on my face. But, I feel that without my permission, especially in public settings, I can be placed under the loud black girl with an attitude label. I definelty won’t deny that this label exists and that there are black women who fall under it but it’s frustrating that as a whole, black females are generally represented this way. With any stereotype comes the distortion of reality and truth. Every black girl is not the same, just upon a first glance don’t assume that’s the case. This loud, speak my mind type of confidence I have is what has greatly contributed to my character and how I express my creativity and my poetry.

A friend once told me that she is always so shocked and amazed  when I perform because of how eloquent I speak. At first, I was offended, like aren’t I that articulate all the time??  I guess not, but as I began to reflect, my poetry has been that outlet where I do channel more of my serious, “intellectual” and smooth-spoken self. For the most part,  I can accredit my attitude and energy to giving my writing it’s personality, if I wasn’t as outspoken as I am in public, how could I expect to be as bold in my poetry.  When I speak, I communicate out of passion and enthusiasm, I speak to the fullness of emotions. To many it may seem ghetto or extra but I think there is a fine line that I try not to cross in terms of being disrespectful in that manner. For anybody who knows me, they know I am full of “oomph” and that translates into the liveliness I try to bring to life for myself and for others. As much as it would be ideal to distance myself from this “negative representation”, I don’t plan on it. However, I do plan to show people how unapologetically black and poetic  I am and how I won’t allow people’s perception about how black I’m being, stop me from achieving or being myself.

I hope many of you out there will find enough confidence to embrace attributes society doesn’t alway shed the best light on. Work off of your strengths and continue to work on your weaknesses, who knows how they will balance each other out! Don’t apologize for not being like everybody else, be an individual and represent yourself!

Ubani Hilary Chiamaka (Larry)

Passion Feature


My name is Ubani Hilary Chiamaka, I have been rapping/writing songs since I was 8 years old, rappers like Tupac, Lupe Fiasco, Kirk Franklin, Nas, Eminem and Kanye west inspired me to become a rapper. I rap because I want to get messages across, I know there are a lot of people that have been in my circumstance, that are in my circumstance and that will be in my circumstance, so I try to send words of encouragement in some of my lyrics. Also I rap in order to bring positivity into a world in which the negatives outweighs the positive.



Ashante Blackwood

Passion Feature


My name is Ashante Blackwood, I’m 20 years old and I’m a fine artist based in Toronto . I’m currently enrolled at humber for the visual and digital arts program. My specialty is in portrait and 3D art making ,I love making the images I create come to life through the canvas. I recently just had an art show/party for my birthday which turned out really well and I will be currently  showcasing my new art pieces at my school’s graduation show. Im also launching a new street wear clothing line called CHOSEN with my girl Mickella and it’s basically where fashion and art meet so some of my art work will be on the clothing. In the future i want to be the art director of my own company where all art forms join together as one such as music, art, fashion, and etc…So watch out, this is just the beginning.



Check out more of her work and show her your support on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashante_heartforart/ or send her an email for any inquiries ashanteblackwood6@gmail.com