I wasn’t born a prodigy, gifted or advanced for my level

Neither was I born with any delay

That they could say hindered my progress or ability to convey simple concepts understood by other kids my age

The challenge is seeing students be extraordinary and complimented on their brilliance and seeing kids doing poorly and neglected for their blatant disregard for the system set in place that only regards his marks and can’t put a name to his face

My apologies to the “they” in whom I should find fear in but

I cannot commit to the conformity

It’s like treason to my own body, to the God who created me

I wake every day to be educated but the poison that kills the ignition to my inspiration

Left with no perseverance to pursue ambition

I want to see the point in these math problem but

All I see is me looking for the answer in numeracy when the answer lies in the

Unborn, untapped, uncalled potential

That lives within the walls of the right side of my cerebral

It’s trapped with no key

It was locked from the moment I realized it didn’t matter

Whether I excelled in writing raps drawing or making blocks or

Understanding the complex language of music theory

It never mattered if I could make notes on a page

Translate/transpose into sound waves

My skies were green and my earth was flat

Because what I saw surpassed your expectations of the colour wheel

Or perspectives of 3D

As children we saw a different way God could’ve made the earth to be

So when I was asked to colour within the lines It was the first step they took within their classroom

Boundaries to make sure I didn’t get any ideas of stepping out of the assembly line

At the time I didn’t think to rebel because it was the same people who said they wanted the best for us who couldn’t see the best in us

At that same moment without knowing I walked right back into a slavery mindset

But have been born free

Being kept back from our own ideas and exploration of creativity

Should be a crime on civility

Punishable by any means necessary

Our youth are depending on us, to awaken and save them from

Only earning a degree to please this uprising concept that it takes a specialized program in university to earn a

Decent paying salary

To satisfy our biggest misconception of what it truly means to be happy

These school walls prison us and these textbooks preach on already envisioned history

This system only works when the students don’t know that what’s better than literacy may be

Their ability not to sit still

To speak without being spoken to

To laugh without a joke being told

To answer questions without knowing the right answer

We’re afraid of making mistakes that may be detrimental to our GPA’s that evaluate us on a piece of paper

The education system is flawed

More of us should be interested in perfecting it

Grading it and calling it out on its’ mistakes

Where is the prescription for it’s’ disorder

Where are the gauzes for it’s’ protrusions

I say the medicine is within the students

The hope is in the eye of a child

The change is in the heart of a young fighter

Stimulate our brains,

Harvest our skills

And let’s hope the brain cells been bound by the choke hold of education training

Haven’t lost sight to connecting to the body who has been long awaiting

For the revolution from within

That assembles flesh and brain matter

That ignites ambition and inspires

Our voices will unite sending chills to bones

Opening the eyes of the non-believer, the doubters

We are the breakfast club come together not out of punishment

But out of our desire to enlighten and be enlightened

By characters never analysed inside the school building we call peers

There is more to my student number than my name, my attendance and my browser history

I am a living breathing being whose voice has never been heard or whose life has never found worth

But here I am ready to be charged for disturbing the peace

This world isn’t a library it’s a self-sufficient theatre

And we’re just actors playing along to roles we’ve studied nothing about

Being directed toward the denouement before the climax

It’s in our knowledge we find curiosity already visited

It’s in schools we find teaching directed solely towards our levels of intelligence

Ranging from incompetent delayed average and beyond excelling

But my intelligence isn’t purely structured by logistics

It’s with statistics the outliers are forgotten to be included

Teachers haven’t given birth to us in flesh but like in religion we have been born again into academics

Only to grow up to lose passion for unimagineable dreams

I’m depending on a rise of a guardian to help me escape the reality of this nightmare of school producing me to be one of it’s manufactured duplicated slaves

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