What’s up gang! It’s HTEBASIŁÉ, the newest and the best female rapper in Ottawa, the province and soon to be the nation (God willing)! I want to officially introduce myself and share with you a little about where I want to take my career this year in 2019.

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This year I graduate from college and will officially be able to call myself a trained Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYC). I plan to use my diploma, experiences and the  knowledge I’ve gained throughout these three years to impact my local community and create change for the lives of young people across this province and in Canada. In short and to be brief, the plan involves creative arts, hip hop, advocacy, workshops and programs facilitated around the city.  This plan requires that I establish myself as a professional artist and has called for me to relaunch myself as a spoken word poet and an emerging rapper. I’ve been able to set up some opportunities for myself for the next few months and the goal is to really connect and reach the Ottawa community during this phase. The only way that Ottawa will finally be able to be put on the map is if the people within the city limits support and build among each other first. The creative scene is buzzing right now and there are so many opportunities to take advantage of and a lot of work to be done.

This year I hope to service my community in several facets by:

  • Creating, distributing and performing my music.
  • Facilitating programming and workshops for youth and young creatives.
  • Offering video work services for content creators and emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Supporting the local community by collaborating and attending events, meetings, forums etc…

There is no way that I could or even want to do this by myself. I know it’s going to take a lot of hands to get things really churning in our city and our nation.

Ways to Support 

  • Invite me out to your events either as an attendee or as a performer.
  • Listen to my music, poetry and watch my content.
  • If you like my content, share my work, my services or my vision with people you care about, either by word of mouth or on social media.
  • Come out to shows I’m performing at or events I’m going to and we can meet and chat.
  • When we chat, tell me about the areas of need in your life and I’ll see if I can support in some way.
  • Prayer and motivational encouragement!

As a local artist, I’m really depending on the support of my community to launch me into the arenas I need to be in, in order to make change.

I’m looking to connect, support and broaden my network with:

  • Creators and Artists (in every and all disciplines)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Event Coordinators
  • Bookers and Promoters
  • Community Outreach and Youth Workers
  • Arts Culture Organizations
  • Schools
  • Local Media

If you belong or fall under any of these categories, connect to my vision or feel we can collaborate and support one another in some way, send me an email and we can connect.

Social Media 

Instagram (Content): @htbsle 

Facebook (Events): HTEBASIŁÉ

Soundcloud (Music): HTEBASIŁÉ

The End of Spoken Visions

Today marks exactly 3 years since I launched Spoken Visions from my college dorm. When I started this blog, I had no idea how far it could or would take me. All I knew was that I had to begin something. All I knew was that I was called to something bigger than myself and it had to start somewhere. With all confidence, I can say that this blog has served its purpose. I look back from time to time to my previous posts and I’m encouraged and reminded of where I’ve come from and the vision that has fuelled me for this long. This blog will always exist as a testament to where I came from and the foundation I had to build. My purpose remains the same and the vision has become even clearer. With that being said I would like to introduce the next phase of the vision.

I have been a spoken word poet for nearly 8 years and when I started I had no idea how much my identity would be shaped by this gifting. For the past couple years I have been practicing my craft behind the scenes, becoming a better writer, lyricist and performer. I recently made the decision to finally step out in faith like I once did when I started Spoken Visions. I have an insane amount of love for creating content, rhythm and culture, for building communities, engaging youth and influencing culture that I feel it is time to take my brand, my vision and my giftings to another level. (More details to come @ 12pm)

From now on keep a look out for new updates, upcoming shows and community initiatives that I will be posting through my Instagram and Facebook until my new website launches later in the year!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank every single supporter who believed in me and the vision for all of these years. It has sustained me and fuelled me to propel into what’s next in my life. I could not have and will not be able to do this without you all. I have an immense amount of love for all the people who have seen and continue to see something in me. Please continue to support, there is still so much ahead of me and it involves you just as much as it involves me! You are an important piece to the puzzle and the impact to be had.

We praise God that the vision has officially been spoken.

Signing off for the last time, 

Spoken Visions



There are countless womxn who have impacted, shaped and transformed my life over the years. As a creator, an artist and a performer, I am so inspired by the capabilities I’ve seen in the womxn I’ve come across.
Those showcased in this project are only some of the many talented womxn I know. Shout out to all the womxn change makers out there in Canada and beyond.

2019 = year of the womxn

Thick Skin Warmth

This poem “Thick Skin Warmth” is in a sense,  a double entendre. There are two interpretations that I want people to take in from the title and the content. I wanted to personally address how circumstances in my life, forced me to grow a thick skin and contributed to my sometimes hardened heart. I also wanted to address the literal meaning of thick skin, in terms of the weight problems I’ve had with my “big-boned” figure. ( As Caribbean would put it.)  Growing up, I sometimes had aspirations to be somebody-else  or to be treated differently. This poem is a tribute to not only my former self and to the woman I’ve become, but to many others who may have had a rough childhood, difficulty  finding their identity,  have been overlooked, have had weight issues etc.. but despite any odds or doubts, have come out better people because of it. If not for what I had gone through I couldn’t have written this and I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to connect with others who can look back to their past and find the cracks of light that built their spirit of resilience. All things considered, I have the maturity to love all of who I was,  the confidence to love who I am, and the faith to love who I will become.

There is always a spin of positivity for any adversity you face. For me it was that, more thick skin = more warmth.



Thick Skin Warmth

I have memories in the thick skin I grew
And for a child with big bones
I would chew words
Thrown across dinner tables
Like bread rolls and dull swords headed for destruction in war quarters
I fought soldiers of enemy blood
Camouflaged in family love
Giving harsh hugs
Sharing hushed laughs
Wishing silent good lucks
Then a child grows up
Hoping the thick skin would shed itself off
Toasting the New Years with resolutions
For light pounds
Ground heights to look tall
Light skin to suit stars
Bright mind to pass college and make mama proud
I found self in the dark clouds
Searching for a way out
To skip towns
And drift to sleep with no sound
Of echoing dreams failed
Dropped down to level man’s esteem
Of a woman with thick brows
Big shoulders to rip through a double small
Tom boy with a jean jacket bending gender bounds
Oblivious to gender nouns
Little child
With thick skin
Protecting others from her bitter vowels
A and E
WE owe you for breaking promises
Not keeping us as hostages
Remaining fatherless saved the spirit of this optimist
If I didn’t die by this
Trust I won’t hold on to it
This skin grew thick
My mind grew to compensate
Faith knew he’d be the one
To help thick skin love
Whoever thick skins does
Will love her back
and feel the thick skin warmth