The End of Spoken Visions

Today marks exactly 3 years since I launched Spoken Visions from my college dorm. When I started this blog, I had no idea how far it could or would take me. All I knew was that I had to begin something. All I knew was that I was called to something bigger than myself and it had to start somewhere. With all confidence, I can say that this blog has served its purpose. I look back from time to time to my previous posts and I’m encouraged and reminded of where I’ve come from and the vision that has fuelled me for this long. This blog will always exist as a testament to where I came from and the foundation I had to build. My purpose remains the same and the vision has become even clearer. With that being said I would like to introduce the next phase of the vision.

I have been a spoken word poet for nearly 8 years and when I started I had no idea how much my identity would be shaped by this gifting. For the past couple years I have been practicing my craft behind the scenes, becoming a better writer, lyricist and performer. I recently made the decision to finally step out in faith like I once did when I started Spoken Visions. I have an insane amount of love for creating content, rhythm and culture, for building communities, engaging youth and influencing culture that I feel it is time to take my brand, my vision and my giftings to another level. (More details to come @ 12pm)

From now on keep a look out for new updates, upcoming shows and community initiatives that I will be posting through my Instagram and Facebook until my new website launches later in the year!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank every single supporter who believed in me and the vision for all of these years. It has sustained me and fuelled me to propel into what’s next in my life. I could not have and will not be able to do this without you all. I have an immense amount of love for all the people who have seen and continue to see something in me. Please continue to support, there is still so much ahead of me and it involves you just as much as it involves me! You are an important piece to the puzzle and the impact to be had.

We praise God that the vision has officially been spoken.

Signing off for the last time, 

Spoken Visions


2 thoughts on “The End of Spoken Visions

  1. Can’t believe this is the end of a beautiful era; the best is yet to come. I am so proud to have been part of your journey, cheers to change & the growth that naturally follows it. The world needs more Liz, your art shall touch and provoke. I love you!


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