When I started this blog, I made it very clear to express that this platform was the start of my beginning. I’m 7 months into this journey and I can’t even believe what is has become and how I’ve gotten so much accomplished. I may not be where I want to be or aspire to be but you best be sure that I’m on my way and I’m sprinting towards it. Spoken Visions started off being a poetry only blog and has slowly made it’s way to passion features and completely faith-based material. This transition is a result of the intimate relationship I’ve built with God and the part I realize I play to drawing people to His kingdom. If you are a newcomer to this blog I would encourage you to navigate around my page to get a sense of where my heart is and why I do this but in brief I’m a girl who loves God, has a passion for poetry and creating and is destined to raise up a generation of youth who love God proudly, passionately and fiercely.

…This brings me to what this post is to be about, it’s time to be on fire for Christ! Last weekend from June 30 – July 3rd, I was at a conference that Campus Rush hosted called Young on Fire. It was an intense 4 day event in Ottawa full of worship, the holy ghost, motivation, revelation, tears, deliverance, anointing and FIRE! I have never been in an atmosphere so concentrated by a love for Jesus and His holy spirit. Leading up to this conference God has been stirring up a lot in me, leading me towards my calling, planting ideas and allowing me to create. I’ve personally had the fire come over me for about month now and I have no intention of letting it die out! I do however, have all intention of letting it spread wildly all across this nation!

The only way I can explain what being on fire for Christ means, looks like and the impact and difference it will make on our world is for me to express it in poetry! So I present a poem like blog post!

We go to clubs, concerts, dances
Ride rollercoasters, hop out of helicopters
take life-risking chances, to feel alive
We depend on our finances
and work tirelessly to experience
the benefits of our wages
the luxury to stand front first at celebrity stages
scroll on endless pages
and seek lifestyles on screens
that make us believe that others are living cageless
debt free, without sadness, wearing expensive gear, living lavishly, without any fears,
We stare into destinies that we will never dare to be
So we find the smallest hopes in humanity without caring to create them in our own respective spheres
It’s a tragedy that not even death can open up our eyes to see
That birth can’t mesmorize us enough to believe
That there’s so much more to live for
That there’s someone greater behind it all


Half us don’t want to admit that we’re broken beyond repair
We think we can semi sleep peacefully at night
If we don’t care to dig deeper in why earth can’t fill voids
we desperately feel the need to ease
Whoever you seek already has burdens to carry
Whatever you find is only temporary
The only person fit to carry the load
did it thousands of years ago
But we still think impossible can be fathomable
to the specs of dust we are

If you don’t believe in Jesus
then put your finger through his scars disciples
or take up my freedom in his courts
Or explain distance beyond the stars and miracles of diseases come and gone, of healing,prophetic analogies, and stories of the spiritual realm experienced by a child


You can continue to look between the lines of history
and find discrepencies here and there
You can listen to the word of man
and let doubt run your life in fear
You object that my God exists and believe in what you see
But I tell you that a time will come
When God is all that you will need


I will let my God demonstrate himself
I lay this alter at his hands
and give him the stage to come down and appear
and watch you all become His fans


This is the boldness in which I approach his throne
I ask for mercy and grace to help us
The world is so beyond what we all think and feel we can do on our own
So God personally, I give you back all that is yours


Immerse me in your fire, do not leave a bone ungraized
People can probably best understand this movement and this prayer
if I relate it to the mocking jay
So God light us up all on fire, and let it run wild around the world
We pray, sing, dance and praise
and prepare to fight this battle
It’s true you hung upon that tree
you sacrificed yourself to set us free
So we walk these streets to evangelize
unashamed and transformed
We come to warn your people
of the coming storms and coming hope


Because you’ve given us your holy spirit
you do not expect us to walk alone
But with all this responsibility
and call for action
and because of who’s business we proclaim to be about
people will continue to try and put us out
But as long as one
stays lit on fire, you will always shine


We all have a people to reach
A generation that needs revival
If it’s starting where I am
I pray the flame remains untamed
It’s the young generation that needs to walk away from
the hallucination that even though we aren’t here to stay
There’s nothing we have to do
or that the career we choose
limits us to who and what we can pursue


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