Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.

Romans 1:16 (VOICE)

For I am not the least bit embarrassed about the gospel. I won’t shy away from it, because it is God’s power to save every person who believes: first the Jew, and then the non-Jew.

In many of my poems you can search out a lot of “religious or spiritual” verses that sneakily or not so sneakily creep up, and the reason for that is because I am a Christian. Sometimes when I write, I hold back a lot of my religious freedom to express my faith and how I feel about Christianity, God and the Bible. I feel like I put a God count for how many times  I can mention His name, Christianity or faith in my poems without feeling uneasy for the person who will later read or listen to it. There’s a part of me that wants my poetry to be easily swallowed by everybody, which leads to me censor out my beliefs sometimes. I’m not saying I’m not honest in my poetry already but, there’s more I could be doing or saying to fully express all of me and what I believe. I’m not ashamed of the God I serve, I’m not scared of how you will feel or react to hearing that I love God and how much he loves me and all that he’s been doing in my life. I should say I’m not anymore, I’ve come to acknowledge that I have a “call” to answer, or a population to reach with what I do and it’s time I recognized that I’m equipped enough to do it. As a Christian, I can honestly say that I want this life of  knowing God for every person I know now and will come to know. This realization stemmed one night when I was reading the bible and in Romans I read that people who have not heard about Christ will not be judged for rejecting Him but, those who have are without an excuse. Personally, I would love to leave people without the excuse to reject Him and that starts with me first letting them hear. I never really wanted to be labelled a Christian spoken word aritst but the reality is that I am a Christian who writes poetry, and with that comes an obligation.

I already have Christian-related poems lined up to post and I’m sure I will have more to post in the future. For the moment, enjoy this short excerpt from one of my poems “His Interest”.

This poem was inspired from a quote in a sermon I once heard.

“God is not interested in your lifestyle or sin, he’s interested in your heart” – Caleb Davidson

For starters there’s no need to get defensive
This isn’t an attack on your stances
This isn’t your religious check up
or renewal for a subscription of Jehovah’s witnesses pamphlets
I want to understand the opposition
and show you how to take Jesus out of tradition
and present to you a simpler illustration
Because at the moment
you think it’s only about commandments, fear and temptations
and neglect to see His grace, love, and patience
You want to blame Him for your sickness, hatred and heartache
When you won’t pray, praise and partake in repentance
You want to believe that God is dead so that you can live guilt-free
Without the slightest inclination
that maybe something out there is pulling the strings
But I think all together you’ve envisioned a religion
and put God at a distance
It’s not all about what your latest sin is
It’s not heaven’s hottest topic,
and angels don’t tune in for a Sinflix binge
You are one of God’s children and he’s only waiting for you to let him in