SpokenVisions 2016

SV launch1
SpokenVisions is OFFICIALLY back on schedule starting this month. The summer is over, vacation came and left, and now it’s time to get back to work! 7 months into the journey and Spoken visions has much more in store to come for the next couple of months!
Today I’d like to take this time to reintroduce myself, share the direction this blog has taken and the vision I will continue to chase.
“Spoken Visions is a creative motivational platform on the pursuit to reach young passionate people; aspiring to connect and inspire others to ignite ambitions.”

I, LizC am a spoken word poet from Toronto currently living in Ottawa trying to make an impact on this generation by encouraging creativity, perseverance and passion cultivation! I am the creator of
SpokenVisions blog and on this site you can look to expect a lot of faith-based, motivational material as well as my poetry that will come to you on images, in blog posts, in audio and in video! I write mostly about education, injustice, youth and young adults, black lives, and most importantly my faith and the God I serve! I recently have accepted the title of Christian spoken word poet however, call me what you like, I’m just a passionate, ambitious young adult looking to fulfill the mission God placed in my heart!
Through Passion Features (Passion Outreach), I look to give a voice and stage to young talented, ambitious and gifted individuals who are not yet where they’d like to be in life but are aware that they have something to contribute to this world and are on the chase to achieve their dreams. I want to give them a platform to show other young people that they should get started on the chase for what they love to do. Passion Features are more than just people talking about themselves, I want other people reading and watching to be motivated, to see others like them, going after their dreams and making an impact! I really would like my audience to engage with the people I post, I want them to like, share and spread the word about the passionate people SpokenVisions features because I’d love to one day help create and offer opportunities for these individuals but, I need the help of all of you out there to take notice, to care and to support! Our young people need encouragement, we’re all trying to make it and for some reason we all think we have to do it alone.
The theme for SpokenVisions this month is “Cheatcode = Christ”
A lot of the poetry I plan to post, touch on problems, controversies and issues happening in the world. The stance I’ve taken on every topic is Jesus Christ, He is the only answer and the only solution. I’ve started a series called “Bible Poetry” where I will interpret bible stories and write poems inspired by people who put all their faith and trust in God. #CheatcodeChrist

If you would like to partner with Spoken Visions and Passion Outreach
If you’d like to be a Passion Feature on Spoken Visions
If you would like to collaborate my poetry with your passion
If you are someone passionate about, youth, poetry, encouraging, motivating and impacting this generation
PLEASE email @spokenvisionsblog@gmail.com

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