Love Couldn’t Love Her

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Love couldn’t love her

Love never saw her worthy

It found her heart already too weak too small

Too cold and too lifeless

Shes now labels herself heartless

Love couldn’t love her

Love couldnt revive the blood in her bones that had been broken and chewed and left behind to rot in the company of her own flesh

Love couldn’t love her

Love didn’t have it in him to be a man

To stand on the ground of the house he built her on with the woman who expected him to stick around

But without hesitation he ran

She doesn’t want  you, she doesnt need you, you swore you said you’d be a better man

Love couldn’t love her

Love wanted to see her drown and choak to taste the bitterness in her bloody words she cursed

With her spit she swore to hurt

After each cry

Love still couldn’t love her

Love wanted to beat her at her own game

Take her mind under control and rip away every vein connected to finding truth and peace

Love couldn’t love her

Not because of herself

But because of the poisoned love that loved her enemies

That convinced them she wasnt a seed worth watering

That if she bloomed, her deceitful vines would tempt man to turn blind

Love couldn’t love her

Love forbid loving her

She is a forbidden fruit in the wild

Surrounded by gardened fruit whose peels hide their expiration dates

Love was tempted at times but was stopped by pride

In the heat of the night love sometimes felt guilty

In what circumstance  did she deserve to be hindered and scorned

To be abused by ones words

To be taken advantage of at her worst

To feel guilty for each  verse, she silently didn’t curse

If love did love her it would tell her she was dirt

Created by the same God who made hearses

She deserved to be hurt

Love couldn’t look her in the face but still had the courage to tell her she had gained weight

Love couldn’t love her

Every breath that she took was a breath too many

Love liked to see her suffer

To go to war with her own mind

Love could lie, oh how love could love to lie

Love was the master and had men whipped in a straight line to seek out just an pinch of its potion

It lies and tells you I am the only words worth spoken

Its devotion is driven by every pure heart that gets broken

Love couldn’t love her

Love couldn’t love you

If love hasn’t loved either you or her

How can we say it’s meant to be or that it’s the anchor for world peace

God says you haven’t known love unless you’ve known me

She knows God but its love she refuses to know because if love is so pure why do the corrupt also know it

Love is a word that gets thrown around like a joke  and they force it down your throat while preaching on a pulpit

Yelling to curse those who sin against his name

But, if these are members of God’s church

Shouldn’t love be their amour or their coat

Why can love be purchased and be  sold

Women are bought young and old because men realize how brutal love is when it’s served cold

It’s loves followers who lie

We’re just victims to loves genocide

Love couldn’t love any of them

See love steals hearts and turns them from blood to stone

It replaces ones last breath with false hope

It kills steady heartbeats

Then again, maybe it’s not love she hates most cuz,

Love can’t love a woman who can’t love herself first




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