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Kori Liversage, who goes by the alias of Kori Lives, is a free-verse writer and self-proclaimed philosopher that consistently shares her passion and inspiration to the world around her. Kori has been a strong writer since a young age and the class-clown since even earlier. She began fusing her hobbies of being on stage as the MC of events and writing together when she came to Ottawa for school in 2014. She began performing her own poetry at Urban Legends poetry slams and other open mic’s at Café Nostalgica, Live on Elgin and other local establishments. Kori’s style of writing is thought-provoking and blunt, while maintaining an eloquent undertone. Her main muses are mother earth, human interactions and time travel. Kori hopes to link people together with her words, by voicing some controversial thoughts and being the odd-one out at times. She believes that sharing her outlooks can perhaps allow to expand their views, and gain the courage to speak openly as well. You can check out her poetry page, which features her own poems, local events that her or her friends will be performing at, and her taste in other art genres.


Do not fall in love with a writer.
We will capture your flaws and turn them into metaphors.
We will recount on simple pleasantries and morph them into hyperboles.
We will sort through our memories and manifest them into stanzas.
We will take everything you are and spin it into rhymes.
Do not fall in love with a writer.
We do not forget anything because our minds are like sponges.
We mix our canvases of nostalgia with mediums of wishful thinking, and you are our muse.
We stay up late at night perfecting the art of loving you through our words.
We give you old crumpled napkins and receipts from our dates covered in smeared adorations for you to keep.
Do not fall in love with a writer.
We will be able to turn you into something you are not.
We will create a lover from the depths of our mind.
We will fall in love with our own creations, rather than what you really are.
Do not fall in love with a writer.
We will continue loving you long after you have receded back into the universe.
We will speak highly of you, after we spew out our abandonment, for years to come.
We will keep our love alive indefinitely, and if that frightens you
Then you’re not worthy of falling in love with a writer.