The Christian Bachelor Party

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.-2

Before a man or a woman is married, they are typically thrown a bachelor or bachelorette party, to celebrate their so called “last day of freedom”. These nights are usually filled with a series of adventurous, wild, intoxicated and sometimes promiscuous events. Personally, knowing that the rest of my life will be dedicated to one person, who I must love, cherish and  essentially put up with, clearly demands one night of freedom from those pressing obligations, before they’re made real. But, what would happen if a fiancé found too much happiness or fulfillment at the bachelor party and didn’t want to get married anymore? What if the party gave them all that they thought they needed; excitement, inclusion, adventure, the illusion of love and luxury; and the pursuit of these temporary pleasures led them to completely discard the person they were about to marry. What if the fiancé only thought about their significant other at the lowest parts of the night, when the high was wearing off, the people were leaving, and the excitement was no more?  Is that a commitment that you’re thrilled to have for you and your spouse?

Assuming you answered no, is this a commitment God wants from you? (Yea I went there!) If you couldn’t tell by the title, this post is going to address they way we Christians serve God haphazardly, how we like to be “lukewarm” in our relationship with Him.

“One day I’ll get right”

No matter how far-fetched it may sound to you, try and think about your relationship with God as a commitment resembling marriage. Dating on this earth comes with no legal privileges, because you have not yet been made family by law in the eyes of the courts, you can’t make medical decisions on their behalf or receive inheritance. The same goes for our relationship with God, we love God, we say he’s our best friend, WE know that we have a relationship with Him but in the eyes of the world there is no proof. So, how can we be in these committing relationships with God or that we  we claim to the world to be in, when our lifestyles aren’t leading examples of His word or proof of his transforming work in us. Why would the time and heart we don’t really have for God merit his blessings, gifts and His inheritance. God is asking for us to really become part of his family, to dedicate our lives to him, like one would do in a marriage. But, so many of us are still at the bachelor party anticipating that one day when we can get right with God.

The nights of these parties must come to an end, your one day is today! As a believer, knowing that Jesus came to die for our sins and give us a new life in Christ, we cannot continue to live out our days like just anybody, giving into the same temptations and situations we faced in our previous seasons, that do not honour God. We don’t have to keep crying over the same struggles and we don’t need to think we have to fight these battles alone. As Christians we have to understand that when we actually give our lives to God, we must give everything, every secret and every void that we would potentially try and fill without Him. We have to let God transform our hearts, our ways of living and speaking so that it can be as apparent as a wedding ring, that we are living our lives whole-heartedly for God!

There is no committing to God haphazardly, he won’t accept it. You can either be hot or cold but there’s no in between! We are called to live set apart, we are called for God to use us, He’s looking to work through each of us to reach more of his people. One day, there is not going to be another day so be about His business today and everyday!


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